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“Dance on Me” is a slick one. It opens with Guthro’s crystalline croon before an electro-tinged, dancehall-inspired beat kicks in and preps the track for the club floor. – Exclaim!

A talented musician, songwriter and producer, Dylan signed his first publishing deal out of Nashville and has had his songs covered by artists from a variety of genres of music including Ria Mae, Neon Dreams, and Donovan Woods. As a producer, Dylan is in great demand, producing music for Banners, Noah Schnacky, Dave Sampson, and Quake.

Since releasing his award winning debut, singer-songwriter Dylan Guthro has been busy creating music in a variety of ways. In 2015, Dylan formed the pop trio Port Cities. Port Cities released their multi-award winning debut in 2017 and have since amassed over 12M streams and have played over 350 shows in 12 countries.

Dylan is constantly creating music – whether it be with his bandmates, on his own while experimenting as producer, writer, and singer, or co-writing for other acts across a spectrum of musical styles.

This song has so much soul to it, and Dylan has the voice of an angel . . . Dylan has such a diversity to his sound and influence that you can’t really classify the guy under any one subgenre. – HipHopCanada.com

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Dylan Guthro swoops out of the great north of Nova Scotia to thaw our hearts with his creamy cooing and vivacious electro R&B pop on Dance On Me. This pulsating mass of crisp beats leaves me ready for a night of live music ahead. The dance floor beckons and wandering eyes will rove the room, searching for a sexy partner in crime. I Heart Moosiq

Dylan’s latest release, “Dance On Me” is hard to categorize into one genre. The multi-faceted talented artist kept on impressing us all throughout the progression of the song itself. IX Daily

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