The Guardian Review: A debut album that’s sure to delight

The apple never falls far from the tree.

Like father, like son.

He’s a chip off the old block.

Dylan Guthro is bound to hear those tired, old clichés a great many times over the next few years as more and more people are exposed to his music and attempt to draw favourable comparisons between him and his father, award-winning singer-songwriter Bruce Guthro.

The comparisons may, I suspect, become mildly tiresome after a while, but, hopefully, he will take them in the spirit in which they are intended because, for the most part, they will be offered up with the best of intentions.

And frankly, they’re not far from the truth.

Guthro’s debut release, All That’s True, is one of the strongest debut albums I’ve heard this year, a harbinger, hopefully, of many fine records to come. (more…)

Hey Folks

After two extremely fun and successful album release shows in my home base of Halifax, I’m excited for what’s coming next. The Carleton was jam packed both nights, big thanks to everyone that came out to make them such memorable evenings. Being on stage with my name on the bill was a wicked feeling. I’m hoping to lock down as many dates as possible and get out there and continue to spread my music to as many people as I can.

Now that this record is out, I am excited to get out there and promote it. I have a funny feeling that this is going to be a great year.

Cheers & thank you for the visit!

– Dylan Guthro

Bob Mersereau Music Review: Dylan Guthro All That’s True

I’m having a mid-life music columnist crisis folks. It’s serious. I think I might have been doing this too long. I’m feeling…old. Here’s why. I can remember things very clearly from when I started on CBC talking about East Coast Music, back in the 80’s, yet I have trouble remembering what I reviewed last week. Case in point? I know where I was the first time I heard Bruce Guthro, and writing about him as the breakthrough artist that year from the Maritimes. Now here I am, writing about a Guthro as the hot new artist on the scene. Only this time, it’s his son.

Sons and daughters face a hard time in some music circles, especially celebrity ones. The inevitable comparisons drag the artist down, especially when there are similarities. Ask Adam Cohen, Harper Simon, the list goes on. I think on the East Coast, it’s more accepted, because there’s long been a tradition of passing music on in families, and that’s your main audience in a lot of cases, for kitchen parties and house concerts. It probably wasn’t much different for Dylan Guthro, growing up in his musical household, going on the road with his dad. He’s got something else going for him as well, as he really doesn’t remind me of Bruce much. (more…)

CBC Music Matters

Dylan is the son of multiple ECMA-winner Bruce Guthro. The younger Guthro began playing guitar when he was four years old and went on to tour with Bruce “from Cape Breton to Denmark”. Gunning and Guthro père are part of the musical supporting cast, along with Kevin Fox (cello) and Brian Talbot (drums). Dylan is heard on guitar, bass, and keyboards. He wrote or co-wrote all eleven songs, many in collaboration with his dad.

Profanity Alert: The “s”-word is used on “Get Back In”, and, while it doesn’t contain profanity as such, “Mary Jane” celebrates a certain controlled substance enjoyed by some musicians and their fans.

by Mark Rheaume

Interview with The Chronicle Herald

Son of C.B. musician launches his debut CD, All That’s True

Naming your son Dylan practically ensures that he’ll want to become a musician, but it also helps to have the right environment.

Dylan Guthro has been around music his whole life, with early memories of trying out whatever instruments were lying around the house and chasing his dad, Cape Breton singer-songwriter Bruce Guthro, to get him to show him guitar chords.

Now the younger Guthro is chasing his own dream of becoming an established singer-songwriter with the launch of his debut CD, All That’s True, at Halifax’s Carleton Music Bar and Grill tonight and Thursday. (more…)

Dylan’s CBC Atlantic Airwaves interview

Hear Glenn Meisner’s interview with Dylan for CBC Atlantic Airwaves.

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