Young musician to perform double bill at Marigold

Opening for a roots artist gave Dylan Guthro a chance to take his music in another direction. Guthro, 23, opened for David Myles, which then led to producing a single with Classified.

“I was always a fan of hip-hop and I ended up opening for David Myles,” said Guthro, the son of well-known musician Bruce Guthro, who is performing at the Marigold Cultural Centre at the end of the month with Mo Kenney. “I had a song that Classified produced, so that’s allowed me to take my love for hip-hop and blend it in to what I like to do.”

Before he even started school, music was a huge part of Guthro’s life and he just released his debut album two years ago. (more…)

Interview with CTV Atlantic: Section Six

Ana Almeida from CTV Atlantic interviewed Dylan about his new single “Do It All Again”.

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Dylan CTV News