New website!

Hey guys,

Welcome to my freshly launched website! 

After years of playing along side my father Bruce, I am thrilled to see the ball rolling rather quickly on my solo career. To have the album finished is a great feeling, and I words can’t express how much fun the journey of making it was. Being surrounded by such talented people has been extremely inspiring and I look forward to what the future beholds for me as an artist.

Last month I travelled through the Maritimes and showcased “All That’s True” with my dad also showcasing his newly released album “Celtic Crossing”. The shows were a lot of fun and the crowds were fantastic. I feel ready and am super excited to step out and do the official release(s) at The Carleton in February. On that note, I’m pleased to say that the show on the 8th is sold out! There are tickets still available for the 9th and my very talented friend Breagh Mackinnon will be opening for me. PS- I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a special guest appearance by a fellow family member of mine who happened to be a co-producer of my album ;) It’s gonna be a great couple of nights, if you’re around feel free to come celebrate! 

Thanks for the visit, I hope to see you all soon!

Cheers everyone,