Younger Guthro joins dad as recording artist

It’s a different dynamic these days when Dylan Guthro joins his dad, well known singer-songwriter Bruce, on-stage. Prior to this month, Dylan was the young guy, starting out to try and follow in his dad’s successful, musical footprints. Now though, with the release of his debut CD, All That’s True, earlier this month, Dylan joins his dad on-stage as a fellow recording artist.

The two Guthros will play a show Friday (Feb. 24) at the Dragonfly Café in Lower South River and on Saturday they will be in Canso for a double CD release as Bruce’s traditional recording Celtic Crossing is launched to join Dylan’s All That’s True.

“This definitely feels like a new start for me,” Dylan said in an interview with the Casket last week. “Playing with my dad, touring around, that was definitely pretty cool and I learned a lot from it, but now I’m getting my solo career on the rise. Seeing my songs starting to roll is cool.”

In talking about his new CD, Dylan noted it was produced by his Dad and another musician well-known to Antigonish audiences, New Glasgow’s Dave Gunning. “It was an absolute blast in the studio,” he said. “It was my first time recording professionally and to see how that goes was pretty awesome. It was super relaxed at Dave’s and I’m just really happy with how it all came together.”

Dylan said the focus of the CD was to get him to play as much as he could on it. “I played most of the guitar and most of the bass,” he said “But still, it was definitely a great group effort.” The team included St. F.X. music student Breagh MacKinnon, a noted Cape Breton singer-songwriter herself. MacKinnon sang back-up vocals.

One of the more personal songs on the CD for Dylan is Canso. It’s a tribute which comes out of his appreciation for the Stan Rogers Folks Festival. Dylan said he feels a strong connection to the area and to all of Nova Scotia as a Cape Bretoner currently living in Halifax. “Of course I have to drive through Antigonish to get to either one (Cape Breton, Halifax) and I love to come down and visit friends of mine at St. F.X.”

Dylan was in Antigonish last summer as part of a Music on Main event dedicated to a youth song-writing circle. “It was fun,” he said. “At that point I hadn’t met anyone who was going to be in the song writers circle there but I came down and did it.”

Dylan said he was really taken with the talents of Antigonish’s Molly Thomason, a co-performer at the event, and the two, along with Gordie Sampson, wrote a song together last summer.
As for his plans for the rest of the winter and into the spring, more writing and shows Dylan said.

“I’m just focused on writing and booking some gigs to get around the Maritimes and spread my music to as many people as I can,” he said. “I think that’s the most important thing for me right now.”

by Richard Mackenzie